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Remove barriers to positive relationships in the classroom.

Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) is a multi-step program, increasingly used by CAMHS, comprising powerful insights and techniques which enable parents and carers to establish the positive boundaries young people need at home.


After working with parent groups in Oxleas and witnessing the transformative potential of NVR, I have adapted it for the classroom, alongside best classroom behaviour-management practice, trauma-informed teaching and psychotherapeutic understanding.  

I offer a unique approach for school leaders and classroom teachers in a comprehensive, one day workshop, tailored to the exact needs of each school.

Teachers will:

- Understand their presence in the classroom.

- Identify triggers from disruptive behaviour

- Understand theories of child emotional development and how these affect behaviour at school.

- Learn how to de-escalate negative situations, reduce negative sanctions and focus on reward.

- Learn how to redirect negative attention-seeking and rebuild positive connection with students.

- Learn how to prepare new classes for immediate teaching.

School communities will

- transform relationships between staff, students and parents

- reduce sanctions, improve teaching pace

- ensure rigorous differentiation and personalisation for progress.

- prepare NQTs for independence

- identify future NVR ambassadors to embed techniques and train new staff.